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Pacman, also known as Play Pacman, is a maze arcade game. The original Pacman game was released in 1980 by Namco. Namco video game designer, Toru Iwatani, is widely regarded as the creator of Pacman. Accoring to Iwatani, Pacman was conceived as an alternative to the overwhelming number of games with violent shoot-em-up themes. Pacman's innovative break away from these games took the gaming world by storm. Thus, Pacman is one of the longest running and best-selling video game franchises of all time. Throughout the long, 40 year history of the game, only one man by the name of Billy Mitchell was able to achieve a perfect score (3,333,360) and officially "beat" the Pacman game. Even today, the Pacman character remains one of the most recognizable video game characters! Play Pacman online here!

How to Play Pacman

Pacman is an easy game to play, but hard to master. The goal of Pacman is to score as many points as possible as you eat dots, blue monsters, fruits, and progress through the mazes.

At a fundamental level, the way to clear each Pacman maze is by eating all the white dots on the board. You earn 10 points for every white dot you eat and there are a total of 240 dots in each level (2,400 points).

Energizers are big flashing white dots located in each corner of the maze. Each energizer is worth 50 points. When you eat an energizer, all the monsters turn blue and run away from the Pacman character. At this point you can eat the monsters for points, effectively doubling the points from 200 to 1600 for each monster you eat. The monsters will remain blue for only a limited amount of time, or until you eat them all. Once you have eaten a monster, all that's left are its eyes until they return to the monster bull pin, at which point the monster regenerates, emerges from the bull pin, and begins moving around the maze again. As levels progress, the monsters start getting faster and they do not remain blue for long, so be sure to eat the monsters in the earlier levels to garner as many points as possible.

You can gather a total of 14,600 points per Pacman level, which can be achieved through eating white dots, energizers, and blue monsters. Additionally, if you gobble up fruits as detailed below you can add to that max score.

The first fruit in the first Pacman maze, the cherry, gives a small bonus of 100 points. The points continue increasing as you progress through the mazes, and at higher levels like the Key level you can receive 5000 point per fruit eaten.

The Ms. Pacman and Cookieman games are played in an almost identicaly fashion to Pacman. We hope this brief "how to play Pacman" section will aid you when playing these games!

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Ms. Pacman is a spin-off version of the original Pacman game. Ms. Pacman was released in 1982 by General Computer Corporation and Midway Games. Over its multi-decade long history, only four players ever broke 900,000 points, with the highest score ever recorded being 933,580 by Abdner Ashman. Play Ms. Pacman online here!

Cookieman is a clone of the original Pacman game with the Cookieman character. Cookieman was released in 2012 by Shaun Williams. Cookieman is not a well known replica of the Pacman game and is difficult to find online. Play Cookieman online here!

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