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About Play Pacman

Pacman, also known as Play Pacman, is a maze arcade game. The original Pacman game was released in 1980 by Namco. Pacman is one of the longest running and best-selling video game franchises of all time. Throughout the long, 40 year history of the game, only one man by the name of Billy Mitchell was able to achieve a perfect score (3,333,360) and officially "beat" the Pacman game. Even today, the Pacman character remains one of the most recognizable video game characters to date! Play Pacman online here!

About Play Ms. Pacman

Ms. Pacman, also known as Play Ms. Pacman, is a spin-off version of the original Pacman game. Ms. Pacman was released in 1982 by General Computer Corporation and Midway Games. Over its multi-decade long history, only four players ever broke 900,000 points, with the highest score every recorded being 933,580 by Abdner Ashman. This popular spin-off version of the original Pacman game features a female character and has grown to become the second most popular Pacman styled game, only second to Pacman itself. Play Ms. Pacman online here!

About Play Cookieman

Cookieman is a clone of the original Pac-Man game with the Cookieman character. Cookieman was released in 2012 by Shaun Williams, it is not a well known replica of the Pacman game, it can only be found in specific places. Play Cookieman online here!